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Barbara at UN 2016

I am mainly asked to speak about my father's work on the Czech and Slovak Kindertransport: the events of 1938/39, the circumstances at the time, my father's readiness for the task and his motivation to undertake it. This includes discussing the work of other characters involved in the enterprise such as Doreen Warriner, the volunteer head of the Czech office of the British Committee for Refugees from Czechoslovakia and Trevor Chadwick, the British schoolmaster who offered his services to assist Nicholas and spent some months negotiating with the Gestapo and making the lists of children in Prague, while Nicholas searched for finance and families to foster the children from London.
Talks are tailored to the event I am invited to. For instance I spoke at the opening of an exhibition in New Jersey on Women and the Holocaust, where I discussed the work of Doreen Warriner, Beatrice Wellington & Eleanor Rathbone as well as Nicky's mother, Barbara. I enjoy speaking about those whose contribution to saving lives at that terrible time in 1938/39 is rarely mentioned and who receive little recognition.

Other areas of my father's life are also of historical interest especially his role as Assistant to the Director of Reparations for the International Refugee Organisation in 1946/47, when his job was to deal with the loot stolen by the Nazis from their victims, by converting it into funds mainly for the Jewish Agency. His own photos of that time are unique and illustrate the subject.
Over the past few years I have given talks in the UK, USA and Czech Republic at Book Festivals and to adult and school groups.

Links to some past talks/interviews:

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The Lives He Saved and the Secrets We Keep,
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Audio interview for UN radio


BBC Radio Scotland Interview, Cathy Macdonald and Barbara Winton. May 2015